Classroom Participation for Preschool Co-op Families
2 day program – 2 times per month
3 day program – 3 times per month
4 day program – 4 times per month

Participation hours are 8:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the day your family is scheduled. Please stay until all responsibilities have been completed.

Maintenance Requirements & House Cleaning
Participating parents must complete the daily cleaning duties as specified.
All families are expected to participate in a minimum of 2 work parties per school year. 

Snack is rotated and each preschool co-op family is responsible approximately once every month.
Frequency varies depending on the number of families enrolled.
Scheduled snack day can be found on the monthly participation schedule.

Parent Meetings and Orientation are mandatory.

Each family is expected to raise a minimum of $75 per semester.
Multiple opportunities are available.

Voluntary Jobs/Chair Positions
Each family is expected to participate as a Chairperson
(If all positions are satisfied, families without chair positions are expected to participate on a Committee.)

Co-op Responsibilities


Play Center